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Early Adopter Download of the Day: EverNote 1.5 Beta (Windows)

Early Adopter Download of the Day: EverNote 1.5 Beta (Windows): "Windows only: Speaking of note-taking, previously-mentioned EverNote's released a beta version 1.5 with some serious improvements, like multi-computer syncing (the main thing we complained about it..."


How to sync Outlook with GCal and Gmail

How to sync Outlook with GCal and Gmail: "Synchronization on multiple locations is always hard, and it is really tough to get it right if you are doing multiple two-way sync. Though someone got it right - engtech blog introduces his holy grail of synchronization. He has a system setup for syncing Microsoft Outlook (multiple locations), Google Calendar, Gmail, iPod and Mobile Phone. Here is the diagram he used to illustrate:

One of the key tool that engtech uses is ScheduleWorld, which is a online PIM system that has great synchronization support (yes, it supports Google Calendar syncing).

Check this how-to if you are looking for syncing these services and applications with your personal information.

The Holy Grail of Synchronization: How to synchronize Microsoft Outlook (multiple locations), Google Calendar, Gmail, iPod, and mobile phone with Funambol / ScheduleWorld - [engtech]


Geek to Live: Improve your web site with Google Analytics

Geek to Live: Improve your web site with Google Analytics: "by Gina Trapani In my ten years of building web sites, I've tried practically every free web site stats analyzer under the sun - and none has come close to the utility, richness and depth of..."

Add Google Calendar to Outlook

Add Google Calendar to Outlook: "The Grinn Productions blog has written up a tutorial for incorporating Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook. Why might you want to do that? Well, if you're the author it's because 'not even..."

Sizeasy - Because Size (*cough*) Matters

Sizeasy - Because Size (*cough*) Matters: "Say it with me...'Sizeasy' (yeh, I have no idea how to pronounce it either). Sizeasy is a neat little tool that compares the size of...umm...anything to common objects like a deck of cards or a piece of paper. Kind of cool (kind of). "

How to Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel

How to Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel: "Do you ever need to know when you're over or under budget? Want to pick out the important data from a huge list? Excel's conditional formatting can help with all of this and more. While it is a little difficult to use, knowing the basics can help you make sense of whatever project you are working on."


Delay an Outlook message

Delay an Outlook message: "If you use Outlook, you know that messages are automatically sent as soon as you hit the 'send' button. But Tech-Recipes has an easy way to delay those messages: In the Message window, Click..."

AIGA | design and business ethics

AIGA | design and business ethics: "AIGA has released a series of brochures outlining the critical ethical and professional issues encountered by designers and their clients. The series, entitled 'Design Business and Ethics,' examines the key concerns a designer faces in maintaining a successful practice and speaks directly to the protection of individual rights.

- Client's guide to design
- Business and ethical expectations for professional designers
- Use of fonts
- Use of illustrations
- Use of software
- Guide to copyright
- Use of photography
- Sales tax
- Print design and environmental responsibility

- AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services"

Gmail Tips and Tricks Monster Roundup

Gmail Tips and Tricks Monster Roundup: "The Cyber-Knowledge weblog has a pretty good roundup of cool ways you can take advantage of your Gmail account. Since we've covered most of Cyber-Knowledge's tips here before, I decided it was time..."

Design better with ColorJack

Design better with ColorJack: "Whether you're designing a new site or just want to have fun with the pretty-pretty colors, ColorJack's Studio is one of the most functional color tools that I've come across lately. Not only can..."

Top 10 Resources and Lessons on Economics

Top 10 Resources and Lessons on Economics: "You did not study business nor major in economics, though we need the knowledge to understand What is economics - how does it relate to individuals, and how do production, distribution, and goods and services work? Understand this will give you some edges on business, investment etc. Here are some top resources to learn more about economics, or if you just need a quick references on any unheard economics terms:

Wikipedia: Economics - Definition of Econmics and many resources.
Economics in Six Minutes - Quickest way to get a grip on Economics
The Concise Guide To Economics - an online book on economics
Wikibooks:Business and economics bookshelf - Free ebook on Economics Economics A–Z - A great glossary on economics terms.
MIT OpenCourseWare: Economics - Loads of free lectures on Economics.
MCWDN’s economics concepts - Good guide on Economics
Economics Glossary - Look for terms that you don’t understand.
Economics Basics: Introduction - Quick introduction on economics basics"

cassette generator

cassette generator: "

Chris Glass always finds the best links. Here's one of his latest finds: Cassette Generator. Yes, silly and yes, I love it. "

The best WordPress plugins

The best WordPress plugins: "Blogging enthusiast Vlad Akilov has put together a stellar list of the most essential WordPress plugins. There's some old favorites on here, such as Akismet, Ultimate Tag Warrior, and flickrRSS, but..."

Make your own "official" seal

Make your own "official" seal: "Web site Says-It's Official Seal Generator lets you design your very own seal with customized text. I'm really not sure how 'official' you can consider your completed seal (I guess it's official if..."

Smink készítése PHPTemplate-tel

Smink készítése PHPTemplate-tel: "Még nyár elején küldte be Poetro PHPTemplate sminkelésről szóló cikkét, melyet korábban saját blogjában is megjelentetett. Időközben szerkesztőségi okok miatt (és az újrapublikálás elkerülése érdekében) ez nem jelent meg a, a közeledő Drupal Konferencia PHPTemplate előadójaként viszont Poetro felhívta a figyelmünket, hogy előadását a cikk vonala mentén fogja indítani. Ezért úgy gondoltam érdemes lehet felhívni az érdeklődők figyelmét PHPTemplate bevezetőjére.


Top 10 Best Presentations Ever

Top 10 Best Presentations Ever: "Recently I love to watch conference and presentation videos online, where I learned the materials, and different people’s presentation style. KnowHR has composed 10 Presentations that they consider the best. All of presentations are online and free to watch. Study their styles.

Couple of the presentations that I have watched and admire in the list:

Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh in 1984
Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech in 1963
Seth Godin talks about Marketing at Google in 2006
Guy Kawasaki’s Art of the Start speech at TiECon 2006

Which presentation do you think the best?

Top 10 Best Presentations Ever - [KnowHR Blog]


Hordozható Drupal, telepítés nélkül, azonnal

Hordozható Drupal, telepítés nélkül, azonnal: "Avagy futtassunk Drupalt USB meghajtóról"


Productivity killer: Line Rider

Productivity killer: Line Rider: "What crude line-art flash game is getting more search hits on Google than Kim Jong Il? It's called Line Rider, and reports that it has attracted a cult following worldwide: Part Jackass..."


A History of Computers, As Seen in Old TV Ads

A History of Computers, As Seen in Old TV Ads: "Tiny Tuba writes 'PC World's Harry McCracken pulls together a compendium of vintage PC commercials posted on YouTube. There are commercials from the 1980s right up to the present. If you are looking for a laugh, you will have fun with the Atari 400, Commodore 64 and more.' Worth it for the Shattner Vic-20 commercial alone, but the others are well-picked too. Naturally, the Apple 1984 commercial is included.



Gmail + Google Reader = Cool

Gmail + Google Reader = Cool: "Integration is good.

Mihai Parparita, frontend tech lead of Google Reader, goes ahead and releases a GreaseMonkey that integrates Google Reader with Gmail. Outcome is great, because you can read your feeds just like you read an email in Gmail.

It is an unofficial feature, but the integration makes Reader part of Gmail already, which in my opinion that it fits there very well (Google, you don’t have to launch another product - integrate Reader into an existing product instead).

Reader is in Google Labs, and that puts it in the “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” product family. I’m glad that people seem to have realized that this “throwing” and “seeing” are less passive than they sound. To stretch this metaphor further, if the spaghetti starts to slide off, engineers (and UI designers, and product managers, and others) will study the problem and figure out how to increase its coefficient of friction. Usually the changes are more subtle (wi"


Resizable kids' shoes for growing feet

Resizable kids' shoes for growing feet: "Cory Doctorow:
Inchworms are kids' shoes whose size can be adjusted up to three sizes -- press a button on the underside and pull or push to change the size. Link (via Gizmodo)



9 Open Source Companies to Watch

9 Open Source Companies to Watch: "An anonymous reader writes 'A look at 9 open source companies to watch, focusing on everything from systems management to portals to apps servers. ' Silly bits like where their names come from to less silly bits like how much VC they got and what they actually do. I haven't heard of many of these, but it's encouraging to see a growing number of businesses being built around Open Source.



Free Online Speed Reading App - Spreeder

Free Online Speed Reading App - Spreeder: "

With all those information process per day, large portion of them are reading. So speed reading is good skill to have for lifehackers. Here is an online tool called Spreeder which can train your mind to get rid of subvocalization and backtracing, by increasing the reading speed on the screen and steady output of text:

What is speed reading?

Reading with speed. ‘Nuf said. Actually, the idea behind speed reading is that we can process information much faster than we actually do in real life with a book in our hands. Several factors affect our reading speed, like subvocalization (the little voice inside our heads that reads along with us and slows us down), backtracing (rereading parts over and over again), etc.

The purpose behind apps like these is to train our minds to get rid of all the other crap. So, by having a steady input of text, we erase our dependency on backtracing. By increasing the reading speed, subvocalization can’t keep up and eventually goes away. The key "

Teach yourself speed-reading with Spreeder

Teach yourself speed-reading with Spreeder: "Very similar to previously-posted Zap Reader, the Spreeder webapp trains you to increase your reading speed by displaying single words in succession at a high rate. Several factors affect our reading..."


Become a leader in your field

Become a leader in your field: "UCLA prof Philip E. Agre has a really good article on how to become a leader in your chosen field; it runs a little long but here are the main take-aways: Pick an issue. Having chosen your issue,..."


Reciting pi to 100,000 places

Reciting pi to 100,000 places: "David Pescovitz: It took Akira Haraguchi, 60, of Mabara, Japan, a total of sixteen hours to recite Pi to 100,000 decimal places. He claims it is a new world record. From the Associated Press:

'What I am aiming at is not just memorizing figures, I am thrilled by seeking a story in pi,' Haraguchi said...

Haraguchi, a psychiatric counselor and business consultant... took a break of about 5 minutes every one to two hours, going to the rest room and eating rice balls during the attempt, said Naoki Fujii, spokesman of Haraguchi's office.

Fujii said all of Haraguchi's activities during the attempt, including his bathroom breaks, were videotaped for evidence that will later be sent for verification by the Guinness Book of Records. Link



how to recognize a stroke

how to recognize a stroke: "A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim quickly he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed and getting to the patient within 3 hours, which is tough. Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. But doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

1. Ask the individual to SMILE.
2. Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.
3. Ask the person to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently, ie: It is sunny out today)

If he or she has trouble with any of these tasks, call 9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

-- Passed along by Michael Hawley

(via cool tips)"


PC Guardian retractable notebook security lock

PC Guardian retractable notebook security lock: "
All notebooks come with tangible and intangible costs, where the loss or theft of a notebook is made all the more depressing when you realize how important the data contained within is. The PC Guardian retractable notebook security lock aims to offer protection for those who carry a notebook wherever they go. It comes in a lightweight, compact design that does not take up much luggage space. Features include a multi-purpose self-locking design and a convenient push button lock that ensures your notebook stays put even when you have to leave it unattended answering nature's call.


Shoe Lacing Methods

Shoe Lacing Methods: "Frankly, before I read this post, in my life I only know one way of lacing shoes by criss-crossing. Ian’s Shoelace Site shows me over 30 different ways to lace shoe, from tradition criss cross lacing, to lattice lacing. Look like some of them are quick hacks - those lacing style make the shoes “loose fit” or even can make your shoe to a “slip-on” without any knotting. For me, I don’t like to spend time on knotting, so this style caught my eye:

Checkerboard Lacing - This interwoven lacing forms an attractive 2-colour checkerboard pattern that looks fantastic on today’s wide fronted runners.

Shoe Lacing Methods - [Ian’s Shoelace Site]


ActiveCollab - Ingyenes project management szoftver

ActiveCollab - Ingyenes project management szoftver: "Akárcsak az elõzõ bejegyzésemben, ismét egy olyan webalkalmazásról lesz szó, amely megkönnyíti a project management-et."


Never Check Your Email First Or Last

Never Check Your Email First Or Last: "Many people know you should not check email first thing in the morning - It gives you peace of mind to finish other stuff in the morning before opening any hauling emails and being obligated by not answering it immediately. LifeDev takes this to the next level and says checking email at the end of the day is not a good idea as well:

Checking my email at night before I went to bed soon started to affect other areas of my life. The most obvious thing was that I was staying up much later than I planned. Email is great at distracting you, mainly because you can open it up and anything can be waiting for you inside. A work proposal, one of 10 uninteresting forwards from your grandma that day, a really weird Japanese game show video; anything can be in there. And because you can’t plan on what’s in there, you have to check it all. And it will distract you, mark my words. You’ll watch the movie, and then you’ll want to watch more because it was sooo funny"