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Download of the Day: Avi2Dvd (Windows)

Download of the Day: Avi2Dvd (Windows): "Windows only: Freeware program Avi2Dvd converts AVI video files to ISO files you can burn to DVD, VCD, or SVCD. If you've ever tried to burn AVI files you've downloaded to DVDs, you probably know..."


wear your favorite word (map)

wear your favorite word (map): "Need a cool, personalized gift idea? You can now order a Visual Thesaurus word map on a t-shirt, mug, even a postage stamp. Simply search for a word, click on the 'Share' button on top right hand of the Visual Thesaurus window, and follow the easy steps. Cool!"


Download of the Day: Link Alert (Firefox)

Download of the Day: Link Alert (Firefox): "Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): The Link Alert Firefox extension displays customized mouse cursors in Firefox to let you know what a link is pointing you toward. For example, when you hover over a..."


111 free Photoshop plugins

111 free Photoshop plugins: "The Plugin Site (aptly named) has 111 free Photoshop-compatible plugins available for download. Take your pick from categories such as Image Effects, Patterns/Textures, Photo Enhancement, and many..."

Top time-management tricks

Top time-management tricks: "Realtors--is there anything they can't do? One thing they definitely appear to be good at is managing time, as evidenced by the dozens of tips they've shared at Realtor Magazine Online. While a few..."

ASCII-O-Matic turns your portrait into text

ASCII-O-Matic turns your portrait into text: "Fun little Flash app ASCII-O-Matic turns any small JPG image into plain text. Upload your 60 by 50 pixel portrait ('Face photos work best') and the ASCII-O-Matic turns it into a text. ASCII-O-Matic..."

Web site thumbnails in a flash

Web site thumbnails in a flash: "WebSnapr is a handy little tool that instantly creates a thumbnail image of any Web site. There's no software to install; just paste the WebSnapr URL [] into your..."

Make Your Meetings More Effective

Make Your Meetings More Effective: "Tyner Blain suggests number of ways to improve the effectiveness of the meeting - it’s a key to gain more time to do the actual work. Tips contains pointers to do prior, during and after meetings:

Before the meeting:

Define Goals for the Meeting
Prepare an Agenda in Advance

During the meeting:

Keep Topics Relevant to the Attendees
Demonstrate Respect for People’s Time

After the meeting:


Conclusion and action items are important for a meeting. A quick rule of thumb - if we cannot gain any outcomes from the meeting, we do not need the meeting at all.

Make Your Meetings 60% More Effective - [Tyner Blain]


Geek to Live: Roll your own timeline

Geek to Live: Roll your own timeline: "by Gina Trapani I have a terrible memory, especially when it comes to when things happened. Significant life events - like graduating and 9/11 - are all landmarks that help me remember when events..."

How To Hide And Show Elements To Create A One-Off Page

How To Hide And Show Elements To Create A One-Off Page: "Egyszerű füles felület kialakítása JavaScript-tel, akadálymentes módon"
Gomba portfólió oldalához is ez kell


Easy Desk for extremely lazy people

Easy Desk for extremely lazy people: "Looks like our worst fears are turning out to be true - the advent of technology might have made our life easier, but we have become lazier in the process as well. This slow degeneration is further confirmed with the existence of furniture such as the Easy Desk Aluminum. Those who work from home and do not have a conference call to attend to that morning will definitely love this $58 contraption as there is no need for you to get out of bed at all, Flying Alarm Clock or not. All you need to do is wheel the Easy Desk Aluminum over, twist and bend it according to your most comfortable position, and start typing away. Doesn't look like it'll do your RSI any good though.



How to install Photoshop on Ubuntu

How to install Photoshop on Ubuntu: "The PublicidadPixelada weblog has a 7-step tutorial for installing industry-standard graphics editor Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu using Wine (a project that lets Linux users run apps designed for..."


DIY paperback book binding

DIY paperback book binding: "Blogger Brad Isaac has a detailed how to for printing and binding your own paperback books at home with about 5 minutes worth of effort. If you do a lot of online or on-screen reading, but prefer a..."

Color Palette Generator

Color Palette Generator: "I've thought about this and wanted to build this (no really) but couldn't find the frickin' time. Anway, somebody else did it nice. Upload a picture and it spits out a color palette. This is good. Real good."

How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker

How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker: "Texas Hold'em is currently the most popular form of poker. It has all the elements that make poker fun: There are opportunities to bluff, gamble, apply mathematical skills, get lucky, use strategy and possibly win large sums of money. Learn tips for playing Texas Hold 'em."

Online Generators

Online Generators: "ASCII art-tól az XML-ig, persze némelyik inkább vicces, mint hasznos."


Download of the Day: Click, Speak (Firefox)

Download of the Day: Click, Speak (Firefox): "Windows/Mac/Unix (Firefox): Firefox extension Click, Speak adds text-to-speech functionality to Firefox. The extension's author points out that, for him, Click, Speak is especially useful for..."


BeamBag light for night owls

BeamBag light for night owls: "If you're looking for a practical gadget to help you get through that page turner of a thriller through the night without keeping your partner awake with the lights turned on, there's always the BeamBag handsfree light. You can place the BeamBag on almost any surface, where the soft microbead-filled pouch can adapt its shape according to the surface below. This device also comes with a flexible neck that helps you focus on your reading material without you straining your eyes and neck instead. The LED light ought to last for up to 100,000 hours, which is a whole lot of reading no matter how you look at it. The BeamBag is powered by a couple of AAA batteries and retails for $25. Alternatively, you can opt for the Over-Ear Reading Light and look like a Borg instead.



The 7 deadly sins of resumé design

The 7 deadly sins of resumé design: "We’ve covered articles about how to improve your resume’s content. How about the design aspect of it? It is equally important to give a professional feeling. Another problem is that the design gets too fancy. LifeClever describes 7 deadly sins of resume design:

Fancy “resumé” paper
Times New Roman
Teeny tiny font size
Grey text
Excessive decoration
Weird paper size
Horizontal format

What do I care about resume design? - Don’t do fancy stuff; Font size is big enough for reading; Big text on section texts; Use idents and tables appropriately. If those requirements are met, I am happy to read through the resumes.

The 7 deadly sins of resumé design - [LifeClever]


Ubuntu Tip: How to mount a Windows NTFS partition

Ubuntu Tip: How to mount a Windows NTFS partition: "If you're triple (or dual) booting Windows and Ubuntu, the Ars Geek web site's got the lowdown on how to mount a read/write Windows NTFS drive. This approach uses an alternate method to the one Adam..."


Japán teaszertartás I.

Japán teaszertartás I.: "Elhatároztam, hogy igyekszem most egy kicsit behatóbban foglalkozni a teaszertartásokkal. Jól feladtam magamnak a leckét, mert 1. még soha nem vettem részt egy szertartáson sem, 2. minden leírás – ha csak egy jottányit is – valahol különbözik egy másiktól; és amíg mindenki hitelesnek tartja a magáét, addig én is meg vagyok zavarodva, mint vasorrú banya a mágnesviharban.

Mégis az objektivitásra törekszem, amelynek legjobb módja talán az, ha szépen sorba megyek az általam talált hosszabb-rövidebb írásokon. Már foglalkoztunk a kínaiak szertartásával, most nézzünk még keletebbre, Japánba:

A Teaware oldalának egyik különlegessége, hogy az árukínálaton túl folyamatosan – kürülbelül 2-4 hetente – bővülő ismeretterjesztő oldalakat is fenntart. A"


Download of the Day: Google Image Re-Linker Greasemonkey script/Firefox extension


Download of the Day: Google Image Re-Linker Greasemonkey script/Firefox extension: "The Google Image Re-Linker tweaks the default Google Image search results so that clicking on an image takes you straight to the full-size image, skipping the source page altogether. If you've ever..."

Learn business English

Learn business English: "The BBC has a top-notch online multimedia course on business English. While this is primarily aimed for non-native English speakers, I found that it actually has a ton of useful information for..."


Rethink Your Workspace

Rethink Your Workspace: "Gretchen Rubin is back with her Wednesday helpful idea. This time, it’s a quiz to see if your workspace is driving you nuts. Based on her readings from within the book, A PATTERN LANGUAGE, Gretchen identifies a bunch of things that will ensure you have a workspace that you consider peaceful. Here are a few:

there’s a wall behind you (so no one can sneak up behind you).
there’s a wall to one side (too much openness makes you feel exposed).
there’s no blank wall within 8 feet in front of you (or you have no place to rest your eyes).
you work in at least 60 square feet (or you feel cramped).

It’s a neat list, and Gretchen writes up a great summary.

Is Your Workspace Driving You Crazy? - [The Happiness Project]


Comprehensive guide to .htaccess

Comprehensive guide to .htaccess: "Leggyakoribb .htaccess receptek"

Search every code-example in every O'Reilly book

Search every code-example in every O'Reilly book: "Cory Doctorow: Tech-books publisher O'Reilly Media has launched Code Search, a single place to search all the code examples in every O'Reilly book -- 2.6 million lines of code! Link (Thanks, Ryan!)