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Hack Attack: Top 10 Ubuntu apps and tweaks

Hack Attack: Top 10 Ubuntu apps and tweaks: "by Adam Pash When I made the switch to Ubuntu Linux on my desktop computer (that is, if you can call triple-booting Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu a 'switch'), I was a little worried about finding..."

Personal Development Books

Personal Development Books: "I’m often asked which personal development books are worth reading, so I created an extensive list of personal development books I wholeheartedly recommend. I’ve read about 800 such books over the past 15 years, and to be honest, most of them weren’t particularly good. This list includes the true gems I found to contain original ideas, compelling stories, and profound insights. It’s based on the Ask Steve - Recommend Reading post from last month, but the books are now sorted into categories including productivity, relationships, spirituality, fiction, and so on. I’ve also added several books that weren’t on the original list and linked to reviews and author interviews found elsewhere on this site.

There’s a permanent link to this list in the Best of sidebar (”Personal Development Books”), so you can reference it easily whenever you’re looking for a good book to read. I’ll continue updating this list over time.

Happy reading: Personal developme"


Screw camera evades the eagle-eyed

Screw camera evades the eagle-eyed: "The picture on the right might look like an ordinary screw to you, but hidden within is actually a wireless video camera that you would find it hard to believe. This little device will most probably be one of the hottest items on any voyeur's shopping list, as it offers 330 lines of resolution via the 3.6/2.9mm pinhole lens that captures pictures and video in 270,000 pixel glory. When placed at a strategic position, even James Bond would be fooled into thinking this surveillance camera was just a plain old screw.



Five Other Ways to Speed Up Firefox Search

Five Other Ways to Speed Up Firefox Search: "Follow up on the last week post, Speed Up Your Search with Top Bookmarklets, readers suggested couple more quick ways to search with keywords in Firefox. For those who may not read our comment box regularly, I want to consolidate those in a post for you:

Use Context Menu: Highlight the word, right-click and select Search Web for “…” – JDB
Use Quicksearch: Use Alt-D to go to Address Bar, type “google keyword” and press enter. Go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> Quick Searches for customizing your quick searches. – MariusZ
Use Shortcut to go to Search Box: Press Ctrl-K to go to search box, and press ctrl-Up/Down to switch search options. – MicrowaveSafe
Hyperwords Extension: Get the extension, highlight a word and press Alt-LeftClick to bring up the search options. – BruceMagnus
DragdeGo Extension: Get DragdeGo, configure it with your own preference, highlight a word, and drag to different directions "


New to Management: A Learning Hit List

New to Management: A Learning Hit List: "As the author of Managing with Aloha, I get some great questions from managers and leaders via email. This one came a few days ago:

Dear Rosa,

I just got a job as an intern. I’m pretty excited about it, for this company is growing like crazy, and they are known to give their graduating interns terrific opportunities if they’ve done well within their program. I’m hoping this will segue into my first management job when the term is over.

The manager I report to, clued me in to the fact that learning is highly valued here. In your book, you’re pretty passionate about learning too: What kinds of things do you think I should include in my list of things to learn while in my internship?

I’d appreciate hearing of your thoughts.

I sent Chris my two Short 7 Lists for new managers, and I thought I’d share them with you too.

The Business List
Learn the company’s values, brand promis"

Improve your reading speed with ZAP Reader

Improve your reading speed with ZAP Reader: "Web site ZAP Reader hosts a speed-reading program designed to help you quickly read any text you choose. It works like this: you copy and paste text you'd like to get through quickly (ZAP Reader's..."

18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work: "One of the rising blogger, Dave Cheong, has a good article on how to stay focused at work. I agree, sometimes it is difficult to stay focused in office environment - hallway chatters, and shoulder tapping distractions etc. Dave gives it all and provides 18 ways to stay focused. Here’s a few:

Write out a daily task list and plan your day.
Allocate time slots colleagues can interrupt you.
Apply time boxing.
Setup filters in your email.
Listen to the right types of music.
Fill up a water bottle.
Use shortcuts on your computer.

18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work - [Dave Cheong]


Whole House Fan offers cheaper alternative to air-condition

Whole House Fan offers cheaper alternative to air-condition: "
Any house with an attic ought to look into the Whole House Fan as a much cheaper and more effective cooling solution when compared against installing expensive air condition units. Just attach the Whole House Fan in the attic, and you will be able to enjoy circulated air at 1500 cubic feet a minute. This device expels hot, humid air from your house to bring in much cooler and fresher air from the outside. The fan is 16' in diameter and is equipped with a thermal safety overload switch to prevent the unit from overheating. In addition to much lower electricity bills, you get a more peaceful rest as it is much quieter than standard air conditioners. Why not give the $374.99 Whole House Fan a try today?



Clickdensity web site click heat map

Clickdensity web site click heat map: "Web publisher helper Clickdensity displays a heat map over your web page that shows which links visitors click the most. Pop some Javascript into your web site's pages to enable Clickdensity..."


ThickBox 2.0

ThickBox 2.0: "

ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content, iframed content, or content served through AJAX in a hybrid modal.

WOW! This is great! Reminds me of Lightbox JS. Great find BB!"

Insanely obsessive ultra realistic vector art

Insanely obsessive ultra realistic vector art: "Mark Frauenfelder:
Here's a gallery featuring artists who use Adobe Illustrator to create extremely realistic drawings that look like photographs. The drawing of the woman shown here was created by Thai artist Ussa Methawiitayakul. Here's a link showing some in-progress screen shots. Link


A szezon gasztronómiai meglepetése – Füstölt éden az Arbat csemegeboltjaiban

A szezon gasztronómiai meglepetése – Füstölt éden az Arbat csemegeboltjaiban: "A Homárnak mindig is gyengéje volt a szlávos magyar akcentus, kedvenc telefonpartnerünk például mindig is El Kazovszkij képzõmûvésznõ mamája volt. A másik gyengénk persze a hasunk, így csak idõ kérdése volt, hogy felfedezzük az Arbat boltjait, ahol kedves, szláv akcentusos asszonyok árulnak szinte minden elképzelhetõ orosz finomságot.

How to Find What You Love to Do

How to Find What You Love to Do: "I know there are so many people who ask themselves a question: “What do I really love to do?”. And trust me, this question is a million dollar question - and it is tough. Once you have this answer, you will be more satisfied with the work you have done and actually enjoyed it in the process. Brian Kim has shared his useful insight on getting this answer from your deep end of your heart:

Step 1: You WILL find the answer. No doubt.

You will find the answer. You will find it. No doubt.

Approach the question with this mentality and you are sure to find it. How long will it take? It doesn’t matter. Bottom line, you will find the answer.

By doing this, you automatically instill an anti quitting mechanism within yourself, because you know you will find the answer. If you know what you want to do, then you will do it.

For example, if you know you want to arrive in New York, "

Spirit of St. Louis CD Boombox

Spirit of St. Louis CD Boombox: "
When closed, it looks like any ordinary wooden box. Open it up and you will be greeted by a control panel that resembles a battlefield commander's radio from World War II. A polished oak chest keeps the interior safe from bumps and knocks. Features include a built-in AM/FM radio, a programmable CD player, a cassette deck (who listens to those these days anyway), twin speakers, and a headphone jack. Its aesthetics is enhanced with the presence of chrome corner guards and latches. The Spirit of St. Louis CD Boombox costs £299.99 and is powered by 8 D batteries.


Wooden stool for notebook and user

Wooden stool for notebook and user: "
And we thought that stools were the sacred domain of your tush, apparently Konstantin Grcic thinks otherwise by designing a beechwood stool that supports both your notebooks and derriere simultaneously. It does not come with any backrest and it looks as if prolonged use could lead you to a lifetime phobia of wooden stools. This is one furniture that will definitely raise an eyebrow or two, but it loses out on practicality.


Design Melt Down

Design Melt Down: "Csinos kis összeállítás webdesign témakörben: színhasználat, design elemek és technikák, problémák és megoldások, oktató anyagok..."

Task management with Orchestrate

Task management with Orchestrate: "Web-based task manager Orchestrate tracks multiple task lists. Orchestrate uses a lot of Ajax and dynamic effects. For example, to view a task list you drag and drop it into the centre of the..."

How to Escape from a Bear

How to Escape from a Bear: "Bears are among nature’s most majestic creatures, and seeing one in the wild is an unforgettable experience. Get too close, however, and your encounter with a bear can be more terrifying than awe-inspiring. Fortunately, despite humans’ continued encroachment into “bear country,' attacks on people are rare, and fatalities are even rarer. Still, bears are immense, powerful wild animals, and any meeting between bears and humans can potentially turn deadly. Do you know what to do if you find yourself face to face with a bear? Read on, and hike safely."

The vacation countdown checklist

The vacation countdown checklist: "Whether you've yet to venture on your summer vacation, or you're getting ready to plan a trip for this winter, eHow has a great checklist for preparing for a vacation. The checklist starts three..."

How to Cheat a Polygraph Test ( Lie Detector )

How to Cheat a Polygraph Test ( Lie Detector ): "#REDIRECT"

Organize your supplies with CraftMemo

Organize your supplies with CraftMemo: "If you've got a lot of craft supplies - or any other kind of measurable inventory - you might want to check out web-based CraftMemo, a great way to track your stuff. Not only can you enter in all..."

Funny 1965 anti-pornography educational film

Funny 1965 anti-pornography educational film: "Mark Frauenfelder: Perversion for Profit is a 1965 anti-pornography educational film produced by the 'Citizens for Decent Literature.' It has all the delightfully hokey elements of educational films of the era, including a lush, dramatic orchestral soundtrack, and a wooden white male authority figure who delivers the facts in grave tones.

A flood-tide of filth is engulfing our country in the form of newsstand obscenity. It is threatening to pervert an entire generation of our American children. We know that once a person is perverted, it is practically impossible for the person to adjust to normal attitudes in regards to sex.
Link (Thanks, Coop!) Steve says:

Reader comment:

That's not just any old 'wooden, white male authority figure'... That's George Putnam! Putnam is one of LA's grand old newsmen, still doing commentaries after 72 years in the business. LA TV viewers remember Putnam from the 70s show, 'Talkback'- a wild talk show that commented on current events. Like Joe Pine and Wally George, Putnam really k"

How the Bermuda Triangle Works

How the Bermuda Triangle Works: "You won't find it on any official map, but according to some, the Bermuda Triangle is a real place where dozens of ships and planes have disappeared with no good explanation."

Add a Google Map to any web page in 30 seconds

Add a Google Map to any web page in 30 seconds: "Previously-mentioned Google Maps mashup site Wikimapia has put together a tutorial for quickly and easily adding a Google Map to any web page in 30 seconds using Wikimapia. We've already covered a..."

A quick comparison chart for Mac and Windows

A quick comparison chart for Mac and Windows: "Compare all the major features of Windows and Mac operating systems side by side with this comprehensive OS ratings cheat sheet: If you were to compare Apple's Mac OS X against Microsoft's Windows..."

How to present to Investors

How to present to Investors: "Many hackers want to get funding from angels or VC with their ideas - but chances are it is pretty hard to know what to present about. Paul Graham, an investor, has written a good piece of advice on how to present in front of investors. Advices range from what to present - how to speak well - specific elements that can give investors a good information and impressions:

Explain what you’re doing.
Get rapidly to demo.
Better a narrow description than a vague one.
Don’t talk and drive.
Don’t talk about secondary matters at length.
Don’t get too deeply into business models.
Talk slowly and clearly at the audience.
Have one person talk.
Seem confident.
Don’t try to seem more than you are.
Don’t put too many words on slides.
Specific numbers are good.
Tell stories about users.
Make a soundbite stick in their heads.

How to present to Investors - [Paul Graham]


Toodledo Keeps Upgrading

Toodledo Keeps Upgrading: "Jake Olefsky is working hard. He’s got even MORE features into Toodledo that should be enticing to practitioners of GTD and users of online to-do products. Check out the current feature list for this free web-based software:

Folders - You can organize your tasks into different folders or projects. For example, you could have a folder for work related tasks, one for home projects and another for your hobby. You can have unlimited tasks and unlimited folders.
Due-dates - Set a due-date for a task and we’ll remind you when the deadline is approaching. You can also have tasks that repeat once you finish them.
Priority - Some tasks are more important than others. With priorities, you can better sort and organize your tasks.
Time Tracking - By assigning an estimate of the time required for each task you can prioritize better and find small tasks to fill in little chunks of free time.
Notes - You can attach lengthy notes to any task, so you can keep track of important information.
Tags - Add tags"

Ask the Readers: What would make you quit your job?

Ask the Readers: What would make you quit your job?: "Small business logo company Logoworks has put together ten reasons employees quit their jobs, all based on bad moves by Management. For example: Management puts a freeze on raises and promotions,..."

Be an encouragement to other people

Be an encouragement to other people: "If you're a Debbie Downer, take heart - you can change with these tips from entrepreneurial blogger Dave Cheong. Here are just a few of my favorites: Show genuine interest. I believe this is by..."

How to Spin a Pencil Around Your Middle Finger

How to Spin a Pencil Around Your Middle Finger: "Sure, you might already know a few people who can spin a pencil around their thumbs. You might even be able to do it yourself, but here's something that will make you stand out in the thumb spinning crowd: spinning a pencil vertically around your middle finger! Here's how..."

Nutritional information database

Nutritional information database: "Web site NutritionData is a goldmine for anyone counting calories and trying to eat healthy. Look up the Nutrition Facts label for a huge list of foods. Get NutritionData's rating on whether or not..."


Retro Software: How to Get the Older Versions of Popular Software

Retro Software: How to Get the Older Versions of Popular Software: "

Maybe newer isn't always better. If you've ever updated a program on your computer and for any reason, desperately missed using the older version, will cure your software nostalgia for good. The website has over 900 versions of 95 popular programs, including MSN Messenger, Kazaa, and more - so you can easily find the edition that you like best.

Via Fosfor Gadgets.

Technorati tags: software, downloads, lifehack, MSN"