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Motionbox tags sections of video clips

Motionbox tags sections of video clips: "My friends at Motionbox are doing more innovative work with the most interesting parts of your video clips: they just launched 'deep tagging,' the ability to label subsections of your videos with..."


USBCell recharges via USB

USBCell recharges via USB: "When you look at the USBCell from Moxia, you will probably slap yourself on the forehead and ask, 'Why didn't I think about it before?'. The simplicity of the USBCell comes across as a surprise - it is a rechargeable AA battery on the outside with a very different mechanism on the inside. You do not need to lug around any more huge chargers as you go on your travels, all you need to do is to plug the USBCell into any available USB port and you're good to go. A pair of USBCell batteries can be picked up from U.K. only at the moment for £12.99. Now, if only somebody will fit in a flash memory chip sometime down the future.



Back up your phone contacts online with Zyb

Back up your phone contacts online with Zyb: "Web site Zyb backs up and syncs your cell phone's contacts and calendar data so that you'll never have to go through the pain of manually entering in contacts on a new phone again. As if that..."


Glow-in-the-dark bubble-bath

Glow-in-the-dark bubble-bath: "Cory Doctorow: Make your next romantic bathroom scene a little more post-apocalyptic with this $15 glow-in-the-dark bubble-bath. Link (via Gizmodo)