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Fantastic gallery of strange statues around the world

Fantastic gallery of strange statues around the world: "Mark Frauenfelder: I love this gallery of strange statues from around the world. Link (Thanks, Wade!)


How to Improve Your Memory

How to Improve Your Memory: "Wouldn’t it be nice to just look at a page and never forget what was on there? What if you could never again forget a friend’s birthday? The bad news is, almost all scientific experts agree that photographic memory—the ability to recall facts, images, and events perfectly—simply doesn’t exist. The good news, however, is that everyone can take steps to improve their memory, and with time and practice most people can gain the ability to memorize seemingly impossible amounts of information. Whether you want to win the World Memory Championships, ace your history test, or simply remember where you put your keys, this article can get you started."


Add Google IG to your Firefox sidebar

Add Google IG to your Firefox sidebar: "IT field technician and blogger Erica Baker suggests loading your Google homepage in your Firefox sidebar to replace the functionality of the Google Desktop sidebar on any platform. Since Google..."

The work-only Firefox profile

The work-only Firefox profile: "The Nikak weblog suggests creating a separate Firefox profile for your work browsing in order to avoid the distractions of the always-beckoning interweb. Here is the list of some advantages: No..."


Get good at delivering bad news

Get good at delivering bad news: "Behaviors specialist and blogger Reg Adkins suggests 6 ways that you can be good at delivering bad news. For example: Provide a strategy. You may not be able to change the bad news, but you can..."

Get rid of useless Windows services

Get rid of useless Windows services: "Web site TechTree has a pretty comprehensive guide to which default services you can do without on a clean install of Windows XP. But what is a service, you ask? Each service in Windows is..."

Képet, zenét és videót is tárolhat a HP rizsszemnyi memóriachipje - 12:48

Képet, zenét és videót is tárolhat a HP rizsszemnyi memóriachipje - 12:48: "Képzeljük el a jövőt: hozzáérintjük a kezünkben tartott fényképet a noteszgépünk érzékelőjéhez, mire egy hangos emlékeztető, vagy egy kis helyszínen készített videoklip jelenik meg a képernyőn. A kezünkben tartott, kinyomtatott dokumentum sarkához hozzáérintjük tenyérgépünket, mire a szöveg elektromos változata egy szempillantás alatt megjelenik a kijelzőn"

Geek Toys : Pentago

Geek Toys : Pentago: "
Winner of the Mensa Select Award in the super-cool, smarty-pants game category.
Like Ikea and the Vikings, Pentago comes straight from Sweden. It is smooth and hip looking, like Ikea, and simple yet difficult to master, like the Vikings. A Mensa Select Award winner.

Price: $19.99"

What rules do you live by?

What rules do you live by?: "GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons has written an interesting list of the sixteen rules that he tries to live by. Here are a few of the ones that especially caught my interest: When you're ready to quit,..."

Emurse your resume

Emurse your resume: "Create, personalize, update, and share your resume for free with Emurse has got to be one of the most useful sites I've come across lately. Not only can you create a resume using their..."

Track your bills with billQ

Track your bills with billQ: "BillQ is a bill-tracking web site designed to help you keep your eyes on where and when your money needs to go so you never forget a bill. Like any good time-oriented tracker, billQ will send email..."

USB Wireless PC Lock keeps prying eyes away

USB Wireless PC Lock keeps prying eyes away: "Every office has at least one person who loves to snoop around, checking everybody's private files out when the owner is absent from his/her desk. The USB Wireless PC Lock takes care of that problem by locking up the PC automatically whenever you are not around. The receiver is plugged into the PC's USB port, while you carry the transmitter with you. Whenever the receiver detects that the transmitter is over a couple of metres away, the computer will be locked automatically. Returning within the receiver's safe range will unlock the PC or activate the password retrieve screen, depending on your preference. The 3V DC battery has a battery life of 2000 hours.


Underwater image competition

Underwater image competition: "David Pescovitz: SERPENT (Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing iNdustrial Technology) is hosting a wondrous online gallery of otherworldly photos from this year's BP Kongsberg Underwater Image Competition. Seen here: 'A 'piglet squid' swimming around subsea equipment,' submitted by Alan Kinnear.
Link (via Kirsten Anderson's Thumbmonkey)


Civilization vs. Responsibility

Civilization vs. Responsibility


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