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Blogday 2008

A Blogday 2008 alkalmából összeírtam az 5 aktuálisan kedvenc blogomat (mellesleg a közel 100ból), és iderakom jól, hátha nem akarja valaki végigböngészni az ajánlott linkeket:

- daily dose of imagery: napi szép kép egy embertől, szerencsére nem a szokásos naplemente/aranyosállat irányzatból
- settenkedve lopakodó/kicsi malac: mostanra egy család fejlődéstörténete elképesztően jó stílusban
- Szindbádék: kicsit önző is vagyok, ez a kajablogunk, aminek ideteszem a wikijét is, sok a hasznos info rajta: kamra
- TED blog: tudomány/jövő/napi betevő szellemi táplálék, hogy könnyebb legyen kilépni a napi verkliből és saját kereteimből
- Napi Borzasztó Szóvicc: a címe nagyon találó, fájni fog ígérem


Evolúció vs. Halál

Ha az evolúció működteti ezt a világot, nem értem pontosan, mi értelme a halálnak. Miért programozott genetikailag egy élőlény halála, ha a cél a túlélése?



Hosszú előkészítés után elindult a SCORM.HU szakmai közösség fóruma, mely jellemzően az e-learninggel, azon belül a szabványok, ajánlások használatával foglalkozik kezdő és fejlesztői szinten.




Video of robot that balances an inverted pendulum

Video of robot that balances an inverted pendulum: "Eric says This video shows a balancing robot moving with such fluidity and apparent emotion, that it almost seems alive. Magnus Linderoth and Kristian Soltesz, students of Lunds University in Sweden, posted a video last winter of their 'inverted pendulum' robot. I only found it recently because I saw a post in MAKE about double pendulums and searched for more in YouTube. The robot in the video tries desperately to keep a rod balanced in the air like a broomstick. As the researcher meddles with the robot, it responds with various tactics. Link "

Old School Cassette Deck MP3 Player

Old School Cassette Deck MP3 Player: "This Old School Cassette Deck MP3 Player is actually an MP3 player integrated into a standard cassette casing. It comes with an integrated SD memory card slot, allowing you to categorize your different songs in separate SD cards. It will retail for $21.53 each, but it gets cheaper if you purchase in bulk. The product page did mention that you could also 'use it as a uniquely old school shaped MP3 Player, or with any car cassette or cassette player to play MP3 Music', although I'm not too sure how that works out. Any ideas? Permalink | Comment | Uberbargain | Uberphones "

Shinjuku Tokyo skyline timelapse: 35 years in 10 seconds

Shinjuku Tokyo skyline timelapse: 35 years in 10 seconds: " This time-lapse video depicts 35 years' worth of construction in Tokyo's fashionable (and vertical!) Shibuya Shinjuku district in ten seconds. Link (via Digg) "


How to Make Crème Brulée

How to Make Crème Brulée: "Crème brulée, meaning 'burnt cream,' is a delicacy enjoyed by many. It has a sweet, creamy taste and a crunchy and smooth texture, all in the same bite. Fortunately, it is simple to make and will impress almost any guest."

Featured Windows Download: Manage Your Windows with Switcher 2

Featured Windows Download: Manage Your Windows with Switcher 2: "Windows only: Freeware application Switcher 2 is a Mac Exposé clone and then some, like switching windows via the numpad, live window filtering, and windows hiding all at your fingertips. If..."


18 Tips for Killer Presentations

18 Tips for Killer Presentations: " Jerry Seinfeld has a skit where he points out that studies show public speaking is a bigger fear than death. That means, he claims, that if you are going to a funeral you are better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. While there isn’t a lot you can do to melt away your anxiety, a the best start is simply to make a better presentation. Becoming a competent, rather than just confident, speaker requires a lot of practice. But here are a few things you can consider to start sharpening your presentation skills: 10-20-30 Rule - This is a slideshow rule offered by Guy Kawasaki. This rule states that a powerpoint slide should have no more than 10 slides, last no longer than 20 minutes and have no text less than 30 point font. He says it doesn’t matter whether your idea will revolutionize the world, you need to spell out the important nuggets in a few minutes minutes, a couple slides and a several words a slide. Be Entertaining - Speeches should be entertaining and "

How To: Hide your email from spam bots

How To: Hide your email from spam bots: "Wired offers a couple of good tips for hiding your email address from spam bots without pulling it from your web site altogether. The most user-friendly suggestion is the Email Protector tool, which..."

A Recipe for OpenID-Enabling Your Site

A Recipe for OpenID-Enabling Your Site: "Részletes OpenID implementáció leírás, bármely programnyelvhez"

Self Improvement: Discover your learning style

Self Improvement: Discover your learning style: "If you've ever wanted to find out exactly what your learning style is, then you'll want to check out Diablo Valley College's learning styles survey. Figuring out what your particular learning..."

How to Recognize a Manipulative or Controlling Relationship

How to Recognize a Manipulative or Controlling Relationship: "As your relationship with a romantic (or religious) interest has developed, you find your old friends falling away, while family members remark on how you don't seem like yourself. Are you losing yourself to this odd, and ultimately destructive, relationship? Before you can regain your individuality and strength, you'll need to determine if the relationship is what's taking it away, and put an end to the destructive cycle. For the purposes of the article, we'll alternate between male and female gender examples ('him' in one step, 'her' in the next)."

How Lock Picking Works

How Lock Picking Works: "In movies, burglars can open a lock using a paper clip. Is it really so easy? The basic process of picking a lock is simple, but it takes a lot of practice to get it right. Explore the everyday technology of locks and keys. "

How To: Recover lost Word documents

How To: Recover lost Word documents: "How to recover lost Word files? [Ease Us]"

How Setting Up a Home Office Works

How Setting Up a Home Office Works: "Do you dream of a 15-second commute to work rather than a 45-minute commute? Working from home can be a great time saver, and offers incredible flexibility in your schedule -- but not if you sacrifice the perks of a standard office. Learn how to set up a home office that meets all your needs. "

How to Be a Good Cocktail Party Host

How to Be a Good Cocktail Party Host: "Throwing a cocktail party requires excellent organizational skills, but making people enjoy themselves requires knowing how to be a good host, which not everyone knows how to do. Here are some tips to improve your skills as a host and make a cocktail party memorable."

Kill Meetings to Get More Done

Kill Meetings to Get More Done: " You’ve got your list of things you want to accomplish for today, and yet, after a series of meetings that you had to go to throughout the day, none of the things on your list got done. That’s because meetings are almost always a huge drain on your time, and should be killed on sight. Think about the last few meetings you attended — did you sit through them wishing you were somewhere else, or finish the meeting wondering what the point of the meeting was, or worse yet, feel that the same thing could have been accomplished through a simple email? Meetings are time hogs, and often leave you wishing you could get that time back. Is it possible to have a productive meeting? Sure, but it’s rare. A productive meeting would be if ideas could be communicated and agreed upon faster than through phones or email, not longer. A productive meeting would have a clearly stated purpose, be as short as possible, and have an outcome with assigned tasks to be completed a"

Egy kifosztott bolygón élünk

Egy kifosztott bolygón élünk: "Riasztó mértékben használjuk fel bolygónk ásványait - a New Scientist magazin azt igyekezett felmérni, hogy mi meddig állhat még rendelkezésünkre."